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The Art of Our Own Mythology

The hero is the mythological part of us that makes the distinction between the commute and the journey. The latter being fueled by the music of our own story, that which calls us from our very nature, pulls us forward,

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The Power of Death and Rebirth in American Film

Reincarnation is not a word readily associated with modern day American culture, but in a mythological sense, we are obsessed with it. The story of a hero dying, then returning to life in another form, hopefully transformed for the better,

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Reflections as we approach a first anniversary

May 2015 will mark one year since the first meeting of the Joseph Campbell Foundation Mythological Roundtable® of Sarasota. As we approach that important date, our members have done some reflecting on what exactly we try to accomplish at each

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Mythology and the Art of Living

In our second meeting of the Sarasota Mythological Round Table Group, we discussed the collusion of art and mythology. Art captures mythological moments and enables people to move to that place. Artistic expression is an expression of our choice to

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The Value of Myth

One question that has popped up time and time again in our Mythological RoundTables is what role myth has in our modern civilization. While this can be a highly subjective topic, there are times when deep cultural beliefs clearly slam

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Paul Boivin, Ty Collins and Jeanna Collins

Two RoundTables connect

At the last meeting of the JCF Mythological RoundTable® Group of Sarasota on November 19, MRT leader Paul Boivin shared a very special experience he had while traveling with his wife, Kathy, on their fall vacation. This is a big

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Switzerland - photo by Alexandr Schwarz

Revisiting beginnings: a look back at our first RoundTable

When the JCF Mythological RoundTable® Group of Sarasota first convened in May of 2014, we talked about the influence that the teachings of Joseph Campbell had on each of us, and how we envisioned the MRT helping us to shape a “new

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Welcome to the JCF Mythological RoundTable® Group of Sarasota website!

The JCF Mythological RoundTable® Group of Sarasota has had quite a remarkable beginning. In the short space of a six months, we have had a growing attendance, a guest speaker from NASA (scientist George Haddad), and are now fully chartered with

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